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William Lockie

As one of the oldest family-run luxury knitwear companies based in the Scottish Borders, William Lockie is steeped in history and tradition. 'Lockies', as they like to call, date back to 1874 and are known for producing the softest, best and most luxurious knitwear in the world. The secret is the use of the highest quality of raw materials linked to the precision of their production process.

The so-called 'Fiber of Kings', Cashmere is unrivaled in luxury, warmth, softness and durability. Mountain goats found in the freezing climate of China and Mongolia grow a downy fleece of soft short hair to protect themselves from winter temperatures of only 40 ° C. This undercoat is cashmere. The transformation takes place in Scotland, where the water is soft and where more than a century of wisdom and understanding of this precious natural fiber is converted into pure luxury.

Only the best quality wool of the best variety makes the cut for the Lambswool items. These sheep are mainly kept in South Australia, where the climate is mild and produces this world-famous quality wool. The wool is knitted on a tight tension on special frames.